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Samantha Heilling

Public Sector
Samantha Heilling, winner of several industry awards for her work to introduce and embed a new uniform in UK Border Force, with no previous experience in the industry - now champions the Industry, and the buyers.

As well as the membership benefits, the PCIAW® Uniform Buyers’ Network events cover all aspects of the entire professional clothing industry, including workwear, corporatewear, PPE, footwear and accessories. The PCIAW® have invited over 200 buyers across the sector to take part and help the extension of this uniquely innovative network.

Samantha Heilling explained: “The uniform industry is wide ranging and innovative, continuously changing and improving with new products and standards every year. For any one buyer – new or experienced – to keep abreast of the industry is hard and time consuming. Even experienced buyers will benefit from being part of a network which gives them access to news and updates, and an opportunity to learn from other suppliers.

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