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The PCIAW® Uniform Buyers’ Network has been developed by the buyers, for the buyers and run by the buyers.

The UBN has been specifically designed to help facilitate peer-to-peer discussion in uniform sourcing and tendering.

PCIAW® have invited over 200 buyers across the sector to take part and help grow this unique and innovative network across four events.

The dates for the Buyer’s Network will be published on the PCIAW® calendar. The exclusive information from the events will be published in the VOICE magazine and our website. The Uniform Buyers’ Network events will cover the entire professional clothing industry, including PPE, workwear, corporatewear, footwear and accessories. This will be a closed-shop gathering, in which buyers will be exclusively invited to take part and debate on issues such as legislation, tenders, sustainability, sourcing, costing, sizing and how Brexit will affect our industry and much more. All buyers must become a PCIAW® member before submitting a tender.
PCIAW® Uniform Buyer’s Network strives to create as many business opportunities as possible and we understand that the buyers, business and procurement managers are at the heart and soul of the professional clothing industry.
As part of the support to our buyers, we will be looking into the complexities and challenges of the tendering process, where buyers can share their experience. The PCIAW® Summit 2021 will also be holding ‘break-out’ rooms so that buyers get the chance to interact with suppliers.

As part of our drive to give back to the buyers, we are also offering every buyer who uploads their tender to pciaw.org a free copy of the first ever, beautifully illustrated, 104 page Buyers’ Guide, written in collaboration with Charles Conway.

Charles has had over thirty years’ experience working with some of the most experienced buyers within our industry. The Buyers’ Guide is designed to offer easy-to-use, practical solutions to difficulties in the tender process for both buyers and suppliers.
For more information please contact us on info@pciaw.org or +44(0)1908 411 415

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