Universal Work Dress Code: Pros and Cons

Wearing a uniform has often been associated with some specific type of job such as; inter alia, police officer, fireman and doctors. Nevertheless, it has been proved by the introduction of uniforms in schools that the use of a formal dress code have prevented and reduced bullying and other forms of discrimination. According to the Ministry of Education, uniforms have also been proved to be important in order to avoid exclusion. At the same time, it helps workers in recognise themselves with their company and be happier at work. According to Natalie Morris, the introduction of a universal dress code which is made to fit the characteristics of each job, it is an interesting option. She believes uniforms will finally break hierarchies based on socio economic differences and will certainly influence the world of fashion.
On the other hand, it can be argued that creativity and comfort will be under jeopardy if wearing an uniform become a must. Some job requires the use of specific clothes, to protect or identify their workers. However, on a large scale it seems not to urge such a change and if an office uniform will be introduce this will indeed take some time.
Finally, the debate is still open and different opinions come along daily from the fashion world. For more information about the topic please check Natalie Morris article on The Independent available at the link below.
Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/office-dress-code-formal-casual-workplace-inclusive-a8545426.html
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