US’ Brentano launches Vida textiles & Wallcoverings line

US-based Brentano Design Studio has announced the launch of its Fall 2022 Collection Vida, which is the culmination of textures pulled from everyday life and the prominent designs they subtly create as people move about their day. Vida, meaning life, is inspired by the ebbs and flows of people’s regular routines and the patterns that infiltrate their days.

Highlighting light and airy colourways, the collection features classic neutrals, warm greys, and soft reds throughout its 12 textiles and 2 wallcoverings. With selections for multiple market segments and applications, the collection is a luxury offering of performance fabrics with indoor/outdoor textiles, a hybrid polyurethane, and statement drapery. Two wallcovering selections round out the collection by adding refined textures for modern interiors.

Vida offers an in-depth look into life’s stunning palette and sophisticated designs by turning down the noise from the often busy and chaotic schedules. “Our lives are inspiring; the moments that fill them create beautifully orchestrated music. Vida pulls these moments, patterns, and movements together to create Brentano’s thoughtfully curated Fall textile and wallcovering line,” the company said in a media release.

“The Vida collection celebrates our inspirations from ordinary things,” said founder and artistic director Iris Wang. “The ability to see beauty in our daily lives is necessary for creativity.”

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