V12 Footwear awarded Best Industrial Footwear Company

V12 Footwear awarded Best Industrial Footwear Company

The Southern Enterprise Awards recently named V12 Footwear as 2020’s ‘Best Industrial Footwear Company’. Reflecting on a hugely turbulent year for many people and many businesses – not just in the UK but the whole world – V12 thanked their loyal customer base and are proud to be recognised for their continuing growth and speed of adaptation to changing markets.

As well as being extremely honoured by this recognition, the award highlights V12 Footwear’s recent joint venture and brand launch of self-protection products. With over 20 years in the safety footwear industry and a portfolio of cutting edge products and award-winning innovations, V12 teamed up with ToffeIn – a long established company who have dedicated their lives to enhancing foot well-being and helping healthcare professionals to enjoy healthier, supremely well-supported feet.

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As many companies will have found over the last few months, many of the traditional methods of business are changing. With limited opportunity for face-to-face selling, exhibitions and meetings, V12 Footwear has instead looked at their customer contact points to ensure they can still give the support and contact their customers need. These include:

  • Video conferencing – V12 Footwear has seen benefits from video conferences like reduced travel time and costs, increased productivity, optimised attendance, employee retention and sustained competitive advantage.
  • Remote footwear audit – Our industry leading audit and trial process historically has been dependant on a physical site visit. For the first time, V12 Footwear are giving access to their system to enable companies to complete their own site audit and still get the best footwear knowledge and recommendations from their team.
  • Online brochure – V12 Footwear has created a new digital version of a physical brochure where you can even turn the page! Easy to share and no time or cost of postage means you can get the brochure in front of customers in a click.

Andy Turner, Managing Director, commented, “Once again we would like to express our thanks to all our loyal resellers and boot wearers. We want you to know that we will be here to offer our support to help you protect yourself and your workforce throughout this period, however long it may be.”

For more information, please visit www.v12footwear.com.

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