Valji Group introduces wide range of school uniform fabrics

Mumbai based VALJI Group, a market leader in the school uniform fabrics sector, has launched a wide range of school uniform fabrics for the coming calendar year under the brand name Valji.

Pertinently, VALJI merchant, the brand famous for its quality and durable products, covers 8000 uniform designs and markets through a countrywide dealer network and offers mix and match fabrics, stripe design, cheques, twill, print and plain colour uniforms in a wide range of fabrics like polyester, cotton blend, polyester, viscose blend 100% cotton and other soft textured fabrics for school children.

In a statement, founder and chairman of the VALJI Group, Balchand Kothari said: “School uniform season in wholesale market usually starts from December 15 to June 15. We consistently provide mill standards quality and prompt services to our esteemed clients.”

He said, “Most parents expect quality while purchasing uniforms. For us, it’s not a simple business as we believe in addressing the issue of quality while keeping up with the demand. Retailers take challenging job and fulfil the requirement in time only on the basis of VALJI uniform fabrics.”

“The VALJI group also specialises in uniform clothing, shirting, suiting, and fabrics for uniform readymade garment units,” Kothari said.

“The group also manufactures sector fabrics for corporate offices, hospitals, medical services, hotels, security services, police, army, institutes, industries, couriers and air lines,” he said.

“VALJI Group has a wide marketing network across the country. It has 700 distributors and semi whole sale dealers and 15000 retailers. The group also exports uniform fabrics,” he added.

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