Vishal Goyal: The game-changer of textile industry

All of us have sometime or the other brought clothes, without a trial, either from a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce platform and unfortunately have regretted our decisions. Mr. Vishal Goyal, Founder of brands like Eternea and is working towards alleviating such pain points of customers and dealers so that the fashion industry can be more agile and robust while standing at the forefront in boosting India’s Economy.

Mr. Goyal right after completing his engineering in electronics and telecommunication, initiated his journey towards entrepreneurship and founded ‘Eternea’. The motto of Eternea, which is a platform, is to create opportunities and give confidence to entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs who want to enter the fashion and clothing industry and makes them better equipped to compete against the major online players. Through the platform, one can start their own business without any investment and inventory under the guidance of Eternea’s expert team and gain exposure towards future technologies like AR and VR which are eventually going to revolutionise the fashion industry in the coming days. Any confusion related to the products looks on digital platforms can be solved by using these technologies as it will create a virtual trial room and give consumers a live experience at their fingertips.

Another field where Mr. Goyal wants to create a change is towards inducting more and more textile businesses under the purview of digitisation. Looking at the rising digital market, where many SME’s and MSME’s are turning towards the digital market and increasing their digital foot fold and their market share, Mr. Goyal envisaged creating awareness of the benefits of a digital business among local retail shops by helping them in entering digital market with minimum inventory and investment. This local retailer partnership can also address shipping time which is another pain point among e-commerce buyers. Through this partnership, shipping time can be managed in a much efficient manner and products can be delivered on the same day itself, thereby reducing shipping costs as well.

All these initiatives are intended to help the society in a meaningful way which helps him in creating better bonds with his customers and all other stakeholders. But he is someone who has not stopped at that.

Through his other brand Redantic from, Mr. Goyal has created a line of clothing that resonates with people. The brand understands the latest trends and demands of customers which ultimately gets reflected in the designs. The fitting & fabric is loved by millions of customers around the world. Redantic is one of the leading textile companies present today. The brand manufactures products of global standards using the best quality fabrics. They use the latest technology to keep up with the trend and their in-house team of designers always manage to win the hearts of customers due to their unparallelled designs. Something that Mr. Goyal firmly believes is the fact that a happy customer makes the entire chain happy including retailers & distributors. Redantic uses the best quality fabric, right from spinning to compacting, dyeing to stitching, ironing to packaging without compromising on the costs. The brand understands that in the new world, quality matters over cost and hence they didn’t cut any corners to come out with the perfect line of product. This is also in line with his commitment towards the greater good.

In such a shot pan of time, Mr. Goyal’s passion and hard work has enabled him to build such a big textile brand and has allowed him to help millions of other businesses and people.

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