“We still have so much more to do”, warns Chief Executive of Business in the Community on 40th anniversary

“We still have so much more to do”, warns Chief Executive of Business in the Community as 40th anniversary approaches
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Business in the Community (BITC), the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, is launching its 40th anniversary year by convening business leaders to discuss the collective action needed to tackle environmental and societal issues facing the UK today.   

Founded in 1982 by HRH The Prince of Wales, BITC was built with a vision that the private sector could be a powerful lever to drive positive action on issues such as the environment, equality, and the wellbeing of the UK’s workforce. Now 40 years later, with responsible business fully embedded in corporate strategies, BITC is focused on making the next 10 years the decade of action.    

Amanda Mackenzie OBE, Chief Executive of BITC said,   

“I am delighted that BITC is celebrating its 40th anniversary surrounded by such incredible businesses from across our network. It’s important that we look back and take great pride in what we’ve achieved under HRH The Prince of Wales’ leadership but it’s also important that we’re honest with ourselves, we still have so much more to do. It wouldn’t be right to pat ourselves on the back acting like the job is done.   

If we lived in a world that was fully functional without having any impact on the environment, or where inequality wasn’t an issue, then BITC wouldn’t need to exist. Building on forty years’ experience, we need to be faster, braver and bolder in the years that come, especially if we want to look back and say we did everything we could.”    

Gavin Patterson, Chairman of BITC said,   

“It is a privilege to be Chair of Business in the Community during its 40th year. Over the last 4 decades, this organisation has played a pivotal role bridging business and society and this vital, ongoing role is something we are proud to celebrate. 

Yet there is still much work to do to achieve the vision of the Prince of Wales for a more inclusive, responsible and sustainable world. Now is the time for business leaders to turn pledges into real action and deliver change on the ground. Around the world, people are looking to business to shape a future society that champions diversity, that champions talent and that champions sustainability. Our role is more critical than ever, and it depends on all of us working together.” 

Source: Business in the Community