Addressing ongoing industry challenges with specialists and guest speakers

PCIAW® runs a highly successful series of webinars, each addressing the various challenges our industry face in an ever-changing world.

Each webinar features a panel of industry related specialists and guest speakers. You can check the archive of previous webinars and watch video playbacks below.

Guest Speakers

Mandeep Soor, Chief Executive Officer of Bendi
Jenefa Jabbar, Director, Social Compliance & Safeguarding of BRAC
Giulia Sarno, Vice President, Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility of Ansell Limited

Bendi: Identifying and prioritising risks in professional clothing supply chains

Bendi is a data intelligence software that is helping professional clothing companies to identify and assess the risks of labour rights challenges and exploitation in third-party value chains.

The webinar with Bendi and Ansell will discuss how companies can go beyond supplier codes of conduct in assessing labour standards in their third-party value chains and how technology can enrich the snap-shot-in-time reports provided by social audits.

Professional clothing companies that lack adequate visibility of their supply chains risk supplying products manufactured with exploitative labour practices and could suffer reputational damage if impacted, particularly if the practices violate labour regulations in regulated countries.

The purpose of this webinar is to educate on solutions that professional clothing companies can employ to increase the visibility of the supply chain and mitigate the risks of being impacted by labour rights challenges by taking informed decisions on ensure compliance throughout all operations in the third-part value chain.

OPTITEX: Future-proofing the uniform industry through digitalisation

The OPTITEX webinar educated on how uniform and PPE companies can future-proof growth by digitalising the production chain to become truly sustainable brands.

As the professional clothing industry focuses on its progress to net zero, OPTITEX’s solution offers an efficient workflow that supports sizing and fit predictability, increases productivity, reduces textile waste and mitigates against the supply chain challenges of skill shortages and inflation.

Hosted by OPTITEX’s EMEA Manager, James McDermott, this webinar also included Customer Success expert, Tamar Kikoria. Kikoria explored the various tools OPTITEX’s product development solution offers for reducing returns and waste by utilising useful tools, ranging from cross-size simulation and advanced fit analysis tools, to PLM integration and costing.

The PCIAW® and OPTITEX took a special look at OPTITEX’s capabilities for military and protective clothing, where complex patterns and costly materials are involved.

To inspire your digital process, Giulia Sarno, OPTITEX’s Italy Manager, shared one of OPTITEX’s great customer stories in the uniform domain.

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Guest Speakers

James McDermott, EMEA Fashion Manager of OPTITEX
Tamar Kikoria, Customer Success of OPTITEX
Giulia Sarno, Italy Manager of OPTITEX

Guest Speakers

Nisha Muire, Uniform Program Manager for Air Canada
Karen Sparrow, Director for Red Sparrow Consulting
Stanley Russell, Owner & Director of APT Fabrics
Jamie Meigham, CEO and Co-Founder of Uplift360
Peter Broom, Co-Founder & Director of Meryl Fabrics®
Kevin Simpson, Co-Founder & Director of Meryl Fabrics®

Meryl Fabrics: Solving the Professional Clothing Industry's Sustainability Problem

Meryl Fabrics® has succeeded in revolutionising the way in which textiles are manufactured to help solve the sustainability problem of the professional clothing industry.

The company is on a mission to lead a radical environmental change in the materials used in the textile industry, starting from a molecular quality structure to provide fully recyclable innovative yarns and fabrics with zero microplastic pollution.

The pioneering sustainable textile technology leverages an innovative ecodye solution which removes the need for water, chemicals and solvents from the production process, preventing a significant source of pollution.

Read more about Meryl Fabrics® in one of our features, see here.

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