Circular Textiles for a Sustainable Future

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PCIAW® Webinar Hosts

Yvette Ashby and Declan Osborn

Guest speakers

Catherine Salvidge WRAP

Tim Cross Project Plan B

Peter Ramsey Business in the Community

Stanley Russell APT Fabrics

Webinar Agenda

The PCIAW® hosted a free, exclusive webinar to officially launch its long-awaited ‘Circular Textiles for a Sustainable Future’ Report on Tuesday 15th June 2021. Watch by clicking the button below.

The Circular Textiles for a Sustainable Future report has been designed to educate the industry on how to recycle end-of-life garments, design-in circularity and close the loop to accelerate the shift towards a circular economy for the textile industry.

As a Founding Signatory of Textiles 2030 and partner of Business in the Community (BITC), PCIAW® has solidified its position as a leading voice for circular textiles, writing an exclusive, first of its kind report which surveys the current state of recycling facilities and explores opportunities for future technological innovation.