PPE: Crisis or Opportunity?

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PCIAW® Webinar Hosts

Yvette Ashby and John Miln

Guest speakers

Richard Jessup Gerber Technology

Paul Bryce Ansell (UK) Ltd

Adam Mansell UKFT

Samantha Fernando Keela International

Webinar Agenda

The shortage of PPE due to COVID-19 has exposed the flaws of the PPE industry due to its dependence on outsourced supply chains, whilst healthcare and emergency services battled the heart-breaking consequences. How will this pandemic change the PPE industry’s approach to different end-users? How will PPE companies seize this tremendous growth opportunity?

We have seen during this pandemic private equity companies being favoured over established manufacturers and suppliers. As an industry, how can we do better?

Additional Panellists

Alan Murray, British Safety Industry Federation
Roy Wilders, British Safety Industry Federation