Sustainability: Are you ready to change?

Webinar Topic



PCIAW® Webinar Hosts

Yvette Ashby and Declan Osborn

Guest speakers

Cindy McNaull INVISTA CORDURA® Brand

Cyndi Rhoades Worn Again Technologies

Tim Cross Project Plan B

Sean Moore Carrington Textiles

Webinar Agenda

The PCIAW® have gathered in this international webinar some of the leading companies that are already making the required changes.

Studies have shown that the textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, after aviation.

Sustainability should not be a buzz word or a marketing tool, it should be the centre of all our thought processes, strategies and planning tools. It is fundamental that we look to the past to see what we have done to our planet, to truly comprehend the changes we must make, for the industry to progress forward with a sustainable future.

Other panelists:

Alexandra Steger, Lenzing
Catherine Salvidge, WRAP