We’ve heard of green fingers but now you can have green toes: Lenzing are working on sustainable faux leather

Lenzing and Covestro have been working hand in hand to develop a sustainable alternative for coated textile materials for shoes.
Leather is not only controversial because of the rise of animal welfare, but also due to the impact caused on the environment by the tanning industry with its high water consumption and chemical use, making it increasingly controversial.
Todays ‘vegan leather’ typically consists of plastic or polyurethane coated fabrics, making artificial leather not necessarily any better than the real deal when it comes to being environmentally friendly and causing severe health effects. This is why Lenzing and Covestro have started this partnership to develop sustainable coated fabrics for the footwear industry. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce plastic waste and because of this more and more shoe brands are discovering Tencel footwear.
For more information visit: https://www.innovationintextiles.com/developing-green-alternatives-for-faux-leather-in-footwear/

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