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Pineapple Production AS, a startup apparel solution innovator has successfully woven the first trails for a workwear fabric, blended with Polyamide and biosafe organic cotton, creating a powerhouse in terms of durability and comfort. The technology behind this fabric innovation comes from Climatex dualcycle construction, an innovation in fabric tech with a background in the automotive and upholstery industry.

Pineapple Production and Climatex joined forces in early January of 2022 to perform a proof of concept for uniform systems and test the concept at scale during Q4 of 2022, moving the technology to the apparel industry.

The concept includes:
Fabric development.
Systems generation supporting the textile industry.
Automated disassembly of complex products.
Presorting systems to support recyclers feedstock.
Securing end of life by not creating waste.
A supply chain to support any brand or customer that lacks a roadmap toward circularity.

Stephen Copp, cofounder of Pineapple production says, “any project success is 80% timing and having the correct team to support the idea. Having planned this since 2018, the project initiation time was not correct before now. Technology solutions that where only a dream less than a decade away are now reality, and since our solution is based on securing the value chain, we see now that that can become a reality”

During Q3 and 4 of 2022 the remaining steps of the POC will be executed. Stephen Copp again “We are very confident the technical issues will fall into place during the 2nd half of this year, and that we have a ready solution to offer by Q1 2023.

”Pineapple Production AS are calling on any fabric suppliers, apparel manufacturers or uniform suppliers to engage in talks during this fall to see how collaborations can be initiated.

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Pineapple Production is a privately held company by Ursus Invest AS and Outdoorworks North AB

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