Why Uniforms Are Important

If you have begun the monumental steps of starting your own business, there are certain elements that are essential – your product, your costs, your brand, your marketing, etc – but there’s one element that tends to get overlooked – and that is workwear.

What your staff wear might seem like a small issue to concern yourself with, but your employees act as direct impressions of your brand and company, and that interaction is very valuable to a growing business.
There are several things worth considering when deciding whether to implement a staff uniform:

  1. First Impressions Count

As we mentioned previously, if you have a customer facing business, then your employees act as immediate representations of your company and brand. The first impressions they make on your customers will last, and the first thing they will see from your employees is how they look. Having a consistent and appropriate workwear across all of your staff will show your potential customers that your employees are part of a professional business, which will encourage your customers to trust them with their purchasing needs.

  1. Team Identification

Not only will a uniform across your staff encourage a sense of professionalism in your customers, it also means your customers know who to talk to if they have any questions or need assistance. Having a recognisable uniform for your staff will mean that customers are more likely to interact with your company, and potentially spend more with you.

  1. Branding

Branding is an important aspect of any business; it helps cement your company in people’s minds and is imperative to any marketing endeavour. Branding your employees with your logo on a uniform that corresponds with your company colours can greatly increase your branding at a face to face level. It reinforces who your company is and the service they provide with each interaction with potential customers.

  1. Camaraderie

Uniforms in the military and public services give those who wear them a sense of belonging and helps unite them as a team. They are all on an equal level, and it strengthens their loyalty to each other and whom they serve.
This idea of team loyalty can also apply to a business. Putting your staff in a consistent uniform, regardless of job title, can help promote that team bond which in turn could improve how your employees work together and how they feel about the company as a whole.

  1. Safety & Functionality

In some work environments, supplying a company uniform ensures that your employees are following safety regulations or are equipped for the manual aspects of their work load – this can range from warehousemen, outdoor roles or positions that can be greatly affected by the weather. These issues can be enforced with a simple uniform instead of an alternative where you have to create, implement and discipline some form of strict dress code which would be harder to maintain. Give your employees the appropriate workwear to start with and they will be better equipped for their day to day activities.

  1. Standing Out From Competition

If your employee base is well branded with a professional uniform, it could persuade potential customers away from less prepared competitors in your industry. If a direct competitor has a more casual approach to their staff, then your consistency in branding could give you an edge with potential customers.

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