Women Engineers Driving Innovation at Carrington Textiles’ MGC

As we commemorate Women in Engineering Day on 23rd June, it’s essential to spotlight the remarkable contributions of women in the engineering sector. At Carrington Textiles’ Portuguese factory, MGC, four extraordinary women have not only thrived in their roles but have also driven significant advancements in the workwear textile industry. Here, we delve into their journeys, challenges, and triumphs, showcasing the excellent work they do.

Ana Oliveira: Mastering the finishing touches

Ana’s path to engineering was guided by her background in chemical engineering and her proximity to Guimarães, a city renowned for its textile industry. She began her career in home textiles, working in quality and dyeing departments. This experience ignited her passion for textiles, leading her to MGC’s finishing department, where she now manages process flows, machine parameters and people.

“I enjoy my role,” Ana shares. “The daily challenges of solving problems and defining processes to meet clients’ objectives are incredibly fulfilling.” Her enthusiasm for the demanding workwear sector highlights her dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

Ana acknowledges the evolution in the industry, especially the increasing use of recycled materials and stricter customer specifications. Despite the male-dominated nature of the field, Ana feels supported and optimistic about balancing family and career, with the belief that anything is achievable with support.

Carmo Teixeira: From dye lab to technical leadership

Carmo’s journey into the textile industry began at university, where she sought opportunities in the industrial sector. Starting in a dye lab without prior textile knowledge, she faced significant challenges but persevered thanks to excellent training and a determination to succeed. Now, as a technical manager, Carmo is responsible for creating technical sheets, optimising processes, and solving various technical problems.

“The textile industry is always evolving,” Carmo notes. “Customer requirements are more demanding, and sustainability is now a critical focus.” She emphasises the need for more engineering expertise in textiles to drive growth and innovation.

Carmo’s advice to young women is straightforward: embrace challenges, keep learning, and don’t be afraid to start a family while pursuing a career. “With good support and organisation, it’s possible to be both a good mother and a successful engineer.”

Cláudia Castro: Ensuring quality at every step

Cláudia’s entry into the textile sector was influenced by her family, leading her to a career in quality management. Her role involves creating improvement opportunities and achieving better results. For Cláudia, the most fulfilling aspect of her job is seeing these improvements translate into tangible outcomes.

Cláudia highlights the industry’s shift towards sustainability as a significant change. Despite the challenges of balancing family life with work, she feels well-supported and valued in her role. Her advice to future engineers is to invest in comprehensive training and understand the entire production process to enhance problem-solving skills.

Inês Boticas: Innovating with passion

Inês embarked on her engineering career as a master’s student, engaging in textile innovation projects. Her transition from academic research to industry practice has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation. Now, as the development and dye lab manager, Inês oversees the operational management of the lab and monitors production processes.

Inês finds immense satisfaction in developing new colours and finishes, and in proposing solutions to quality issues. “Women are increasingly respected and placed on the same technical level as men,” she observes. Her advice to aspiring women engineers is to stay curious and proactive in seeking new solutions.

Paving the way for future engineers

The stories of Ana, Carmo, Cláudia, and Inês underscore the significant contributions of women in engineering at MGC. Celebrating Women in Engineering Day, we honour these trailblazers for driving innovation and inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

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