Woodspin’s new emission-free mill will increase production of sustainable wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre in Finland

Spinnova, a Finnish pioneer in sustainable textiles, and Suzano, the world’s largest pulp company, have opened their first commercial-scale production facility producing wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre. Operated by Woodspin, a joint venture between Spinnova and Suzano, the mill produces 1,000 tonnes of sustainable, recyclable and fully biodegradable textile fibre annually from responsibly grown wood.  This is Suzano’s first production facility outside Brazil. Woodspin has also announced plans to open a second facility to expand production. The goal is to increase the annual production capacity to one million tonnes of wood-based fibre by 2033. 

Christian Orglmeister, Head of New Business at Suzano says:  

“The global fashion and textile industry needs high-quality, sustainable and recyclable materials. Woodspin launches Spinnova’s innovative biodegradable textile fibre made from sustainably sourced Eucalyptus pulp from Suzano. The environmental impact of Spinnova’s fibre is radically smaller compared to, for example, cotton fibres, and it offers one of the few scalable solutions for sustainable fibre production. We are excited about the expansion of production and its positive impact.”  

A modern production facility has a thorough approach to circular economy and sustainability. The mill’s production of SPINNOVA® fibre is completely emission-free and its only by-product is heat, which is why the plant does not need an environmental permit for its operations. Using a modern energy recovery system, excess heat is recycled into the local district heating system. According to estimates, this saves 2.4 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per kilogram of fibre produced, which would otherwise be needed to produce district heating. Together with an environmentally friendly production process, Woodspin’s groundbreaking plant will save more emissions than it generates. 

Juha Salmela, Spinnova’s CTO and Founder says: 

“Spinnova’s patented production process does not use harmful chemicals or leaching, nor does it generate waste or microplastics. The process has a 74% lower carbon footprint and uses 99.5% less water compared to traditional cotton production. The result is a natural, cotton-like textile fibre that meets the stringent demands of both brands and consumers for environmental friendliness and performance. Thanks to plants like the Woodspin mill, fibre can now be produced at scale.”  

The mill’s production uses wood pulp made from certified and sustainably grown eucalyptus wood as a raw material for SPINNOVA® fibre. The pulp is supplied by Suzano, which has zero tolerance for deforestation and plants eucalyptus trees on previously degraded soil. 

Wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre has already been used by international fashion houses such as Adidas, H&M Group, Marimekko and JACK&JONES.


Spinnova: Ben Selby, CEO (Interim), comms@spinnova.com   
Suzano: Sarah Clarbour, suzano@hawthornadvisors.com 


Woodspin has exclusive rights to produce and commercialise wood-based, recyclable and fully biodegradable SPINNOVA® fibre. Woodspin is a joint venture half-owned by Suzano, the world’s largest hardwood pulp producer, and Finnish materials technology company Spinnova. Woodspin’s product combines Suzano’s responsibly grown eucalyptus tree with Spinnova’s advanced technology. The production process requires significantly less water than the production of alternative fibers. No harmful chemicals are used in the production of fibre and it does not generate waste or microplastics.

Spinnova – Sustainable textile materials, naturally

Spinnova is revolutionising the way textiles are made globally. Spinnova has developed a new kind of technology for manufacturing textiles from wood and waste streams, such as leather, textile or food waste, without harmful chemicals. The patented SPINNOVA® fibre produces no waste streams, side streams or microplastics, and its CO2 emissions and water use are minimal. 

SPINNOVA® materials are quickly decomposable and recyclable. Spinnova is committed to using only sustainable raw materials, such as FSC-certified wood and waste streams. SPINNOVA® fibre is produced without harmful or complex chemical processes and feels like natural fibres like cotton and linen. Spinnova has been awarded in sustainable innovation competitions by Fast Company magazine, ISPO, Scandinavian Outdoor, ANDAM, Monocle and Marie Claire UK, among others. Spinnova’s shares (SPINN) are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki First North. 

SPINNOVA® fibre online service: www.spinnova.com 
Spinnova Group’s online service:  www.spinnovagroup.com 


Suzano is the world’s largest producer of market pulp. It is known for producing renewable and biodegradable materials from eucalyptus trees for consumer and industrial use. The company’s sustainably grown materials serve more than 2 billion people in more than 100 countries, including market pulp, printing and writing paper, tissue paper, cardboard products, toilet paper and textiles. The products also include pulp used in absorbent products, which is found in diapers and hygiene products. Suzano’s history goes back 99 years and it is listed on the Brazilian B3 Exchange (SUZB3) and the US NYSE Exchange (SUZ). 


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