Workplace Safety Regulations Become Driving Force in PPE Design

Personal Protective Equipment has gained immense importance in businesses that have workers functioning in hazardous conditions.
With increasingly strict safety standards enforced by government bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the UK and Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S., PPE continues to rise in significance throughout multitudes of businesses.
Increasing emphasis on functionality and protection along with detailed training procedures are at the forefront of driving developments in the newest additions of PPE. With equipment failing consistently resulting in grave consequences, research and development on safeguard mechanisms has become of great import to manufacturers across the glove.
Industries are increasingly demonstrating preferences towards lightweight materials that will offer the same level of safety whilst also allowing for additional mobility and ease of operations, even in constricted areas. This preference has been a key factor towards the newer innovations in design and fabric across PPE.
For example, US based National Safety Apparel has developed its range of TEGGEN light-weight, fire resistant fabric that claims to eliminate the risk of melting or dripping as per OSHA standards, while enabling manufacturers to design clothes such as shirts, bottoms or overalls that are thin and visually appealing in order to resemble semi-causal work clothes.
Numerous businesses fail in completing a proper hazard assessment of their premises, in addition to lacking worker training. This is particularly true of projects in the construction industry, which significantly increases the risk of injury or death for its workers. As a result, PPE manufacturers have begun to provide ancillary services such as training programs, along with comprehensive hazard assessments to help buyers select the relevant PPE for their workplaces.
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