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The PCIAW® Editor spoke with Rafi Bricker, Managing Director of WorksGroup, one of the association’s newest members.

WorksGroup has consolidated a range of highly specialised companies that boast a long-standing and proud history of expertise, skill and performance in the textiles industry. 

With over 100 years of combined experience in delivering garments, WorksGroup is set to raise the bar and transform the workwear and corporatewear industry.

WorksGroup was founded to cater professionally and proficiently for a diverse range of uniform related requirements for clients in various fields of business, providing solutions for the corporate and industrial mainstream, as well as bespoke, industry-specific garments for brands wishing to stand out from the crowd. 

With a focus on individuality, WorksGroup has an eye on the latest design innovations and international trends.

Conceptualisation, design and product engineering

The WorksGroup goal is to provide exceptional, durable products that feel great to wear, guaranteeing comfort, functionality, and optimal fit. The team has extensive experience in design, pattern and fabric engineering, fashion and quality requirements, providing well-constructed uniforms ideal for the African environment.

Bespoke designs afford customers the opportunity to work closely with designers in creating a fresh new range that will encapsulate the brand image in an authentic and practical manner, always taking employment, geographic details and demographics into account.

With fully integrated warehousing and distribution solutions, WorksGroup provides individually packed and delivered staff orders for easy issuance and tracking at branch and employee levels. 

WorksGroup workers

The group has contracted a number of approved manufacturing facilities that successfully and efficiently complete high volume items. These facilities comply with global standards in terms of quality certification, and whilst the majority of fabric used is imported, local content is used where possible.

With a highly integrated and sophisticated manufacturing business, WorksGroup employs over 120 people. Owning this factory is essential to providing key solutions offered to customers, facilitating flexibility and access to a range of garments and quality that is unsurpassed.

The WorksGroup POD Concept

WorksGroup believes that POD is a case filled with seeds that develops and grows from the flowers of the mother plant, thriving independently, yet in synergy and collaboration with the mother plant.

As a South African corporate citizen, WorksGroup takes its responsibility of job creation and community building very seriously. The principle behind the POD manufacturing project is to proactively nurture community-based businesses, employing local residents and teaching key skills regarding running a business, with a focus on manufacturing clothing.

WorksGroup currently has 3 PODs in operation, employing approximately 40 people. They plan to increase staff count by about 20% in 2022, with an additional new POD being opened. WorksGroup is proud of this scalable model, and is partnering with customers to open additional PODS in other parts of South Africa.

WorksGRoup Value Prop items

Solo clothing: A POD success story

Solo Clothing is exclusively run by and employs underrepresented deaf staff. The company was founded in January 2017 aiming to empower the deaf community through employment and skills development. 

There are thousands of deaf South Africans living in poverty, with little to no family support. 

“Being disabled comes with a lot of difficulties, however, we are doing our best with WorksGroup to improve and create jobs for deaf people so that they may play a greater role in society. WorksGroup has played an important role not just in supporting Solo Clothing (particularly through these rough COVID-19 times), but in helping society to recognise deaf people as equals.” 

“We are excited to see how much more we can do to bring change to and empower the deaf community through our partnership with WorksGroup.”

WGS: Online uniform management 

WGS is WorksGroup’s industry-leading, fully-integrated online uniform management system that manages all stock, ordering, issuing, adherence to uniform policy, and tracking of uniforms across the organisation in the most efficient way possible.

This covers every aspect of managing a complex uniform programme, including uniform policy, enforcement, AOD, budgeting and POD, and is easily scalable and suitable for multi-branch, multi-division and multi-region requirements, consolidating at a company level.


As a supplier to our group, WorksGroup has helped Dis-Chem work smarter. 

The online system has made it simple and effortless to manage and order high quality uniforms that arrive on time to our thousands of employees across the country and has our staff looking and feeling professional. The process manner in which they manage our rollouts, together with any queries and returns, has been commendable. 

We would recommend them as a supplier to any large organisation looking for a comprehensive integrated uniform solution.

Saul Saltzman, Executive Director, Dis-Chem Pharmacies

The Shoprite Group has had the pleasure of working with WorksGroup (Pty) Ltd. since 2000. During this period, we briefed WorksGroup (Pty) Ltd. with our requirements, they then handled the concept, design, and continue to be responsible for the manufacturing, warehousing & distribution of our uniform programmes We currently provide uniforms to over 110 000 staff members. 

The management and personnel of Works Group (Pty) Ltd are professional, courteous and willing to go the extra mile to assist Shoprite Group and its staff. If and when we have a complaint it is handled efficiently and always in a conciliatory manner. WorksGroup (Pty) Ltd. has shown an understanding of our industry and we can confidently recommend them as a supplier of choice.

Eloise Stocken, Senior Buyer, Shoprite Group

+27 11 053 4700




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