Workwear essentials: The way you dress is important

Being in a creative profession, I have come to comprehend that what you wear at work has a major impact in the manner in which we are perceived professionally.
Me and my team tend to wear something more casual, yet to meetings, we make sure to wear closed toe shoes, stay away from skimpy outfits and a fundamental, hair and nails tidy.
My daily routine involves meeting people from two different worlds. My own team might be dressed in casual outfits, and then there’s the world of my buyers, mostly from West Asia, where they are in formal clothes. My outfit reflects that. So, while I mostly wear breathable clothes to work, I always have a black blazer and a pair of smart wedges in my car. Sometimes, I even slip into a formal pair of trousers if need be. What I have done is created sets in my wardrobe so that even after meeting my tailors and vendor.
Accessories can make things look interesting at night. A lot of women underestimate the power of accessories. The key is to invest in statement pieces which can lift the entire look.
Over the years, I have mostly stuck to solid colours, especially white and black, because I work with a lot of patterns all the time. Apart from that, I believe solid colours make you look more reliable and trustworthy in front of clients.
Footwear plays a big part in my work wardrobe. I switch between nude wedges, closed flats and canvas shoes.
Don’t forget perfume too, I will also wear a nice perfume.
I also want to touch upon a very interesting aspect of workwear wardrobe, recycling of clothing items. An incredibly cool thing is making an outfit your own. This can be achieved by adding a monogram, contrasting cuffs and collar piping or even a patchwork to your outfit.

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