Workwear Solutions International Ltd joins PCIAW® as a Trusted Member

The PCIAW® celebrates the introduction of Workwear Solutions International Ltd to our network as a PCIAW® Trusted Member, providing high quality consultancy across the whole professional clothing supply chain.

Workwear Solutions International Ltd offers specialist garment and textile consultancy services to the workwear industry, including working with end users to support their buying processes and technical requirements, as well as with manufacturers and managed service providers.

Founded in 2016 by Natalie Wilson, they offer a full suite of services covering design & product development, technical specifications, testing & certification, sourcing, production management, quality control & supply chain compliance, innovation and tender services. Their pursuit of quality underpins everything – from how they select their supply chain partners and their expert team, through to support, communication & reliability for clients.

“Our experience & knowledge enables us to provide real insight and improve the overall process for both buyer and supplier – it’s quite a unique position we hold in the industry” – Natalie Wilson, Founder

Their team is a collaboration of exceptionally experienced industry experts – all of whom have worked for, and with, some of the largest and smallest companies in the industry, giving them a unique insight into the entire end-to-end process for successfully developing & delivering projects of all scales. The team is multi- & cross-skilled to provide contingency at Design, Technical and Project Management levels for Technical Workwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Corporate Uniforms.

PCIAW® is proud to showcase and support the excellent services Workwear Solutions International provides, and we are sure they will create strong connections in our network as trusted members. High quality consultancy services can help businesses of all scales ensure they can produce and deliver goods sustainably and consistently, so there are many opportunities awaiting members who are keen to learn and take their business to the next level.

The PCIAW® works diligently to strengthen the influence of the industry and enable future development through a single industry-specific voice, providing solutions which facilitate business growth, product innovation and strong brands for PCIAW® Trusted Members.

PCIAW® works across the entire supply chain of the professional clothing industry, from fibre, thread and yarn producers; fabric, fastenings and accessories companies; to the end-product manufacturers from head to toe. As PCIAW® connects the professional clothing industry, our trusted members have become ever more interconnected as they collaboratively adopt each other’s innovative technologies to achieve higher quality.

We strive to expand our international membership base to reach every corner of the globe. Our Trusted Members include the likes of Milliken & Company, Cooneen, Hunter Apparel Solutions, Carrington Textiles, Daletec, Hohenstein, BTTG®, Shirley Technologies, Madeira, W L Gore, Anivec, Incorporatewear, and Cobmex Apparel, and we continue to grow our network and create connections every year.

Read more about Workwear Solutions International Ltd here.

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member