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Protecting our planet for future generations is now part of our daily lives. Those of us involved in the design, manufacture and supply of workwear are, of course, responsible for doing our part to help drive an eco-friendly based approach in our industry.

Many low-end manufacturers pressure their supply chains to produce at an ever-quickening pace, but nobody is asking why the quality is so poor, or why the prices are so low. Nobody is questioning why that coverall you bought for £13 doesn’t last past its 5th wash, or why the zips are falling off, the hems are hanging open and the colour has changed. Not to mention the fact that it now looks like an old dish rag! Or that £3 t-shirt, where the neckline collapsed after the second wash and the sleeves began to sag and flute. But perhaps this is irrelevant when the cost was so cheap and the life of the garment was never even considered, let alone its origin.

Let us not forget who operates in these pressurised supply chains. Farmers in third world countries, cheap and underage labour, often exploited and treated poorly. These people are often oppressed to meet our sometimes-thoughtless culture.

Naturally, a big challenge is convincing those responsible for procurement that a new approach is not only desirable but essential. Sadly, some buyers will look solely at a products bottom line cost, never considering the environmental impact that their purchase decisions will have on an already fragile environment. If we look to high street fashion brands, we see mass-produced, environmentally damaging and virtually ‘disposable’ fashion. The consumption of these cheap but thoughtlessly produced garments is sadly now often replicated in workwear supply. Those of us who produce good quality, long-lasting workwear, produced whilst considering our environment, know all too well the challenges we face selling against cheap, low-quality mass-produced garments. It is up to us as an industry to address this issue, and we at Teamdress UK are committed to ensuring that the message is heard, loud and clear.

Pictured is a garment manufactured by Teamdress. It is made from recycled plastic and fair-trade cotton. This means that plastic waste is physically removed from our oceans and possible landfill and instead recycled into a hard-wearing, fashionable easy-care piece of workwear. Clearly this type of well thought out and courteously manufactured product cannot compete with cheap massed produced disposable trash clothing favoured by some. Very often, purchasing cheap trashy workwear is a false economy, not to mention the impact that providing poor quality workwear or PPE workwear to workers can have on morale and even worse, their safety.

Teamdress garments, including the one shown will meet and exceed the requirements and EN Standards demanded by Industrial laundries. The lifecycle is often three or four times greater than a cheap garment. The cost-saving over time is obvious. Teamdress garments are well designed and properly engineered so they last and last. If a repair needs to be carried out, for example renewing a zip, it’s a simple task, quickly completed, because we build this into its design. Attempt the same repair on a cheap garment? Simply not economically possible; throw it away, send it to landfill.

Interested in hearing more about truly Eco-Friendly Work Wear, contact us now and here a refreshingly new approach to an issue we all face.

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