YKK Digital Showroom Links Digital and Real Worlds

ARTILECT is the first North American brand to adopt the Touchlink™ Zipper and first in the world to integrate YKK’s new PU Conceal and User-Repairable Zippers.  

YKK marks one-year anniversary of new communication platform.
YKK Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Otani; hereafter, YKK) recently marked the one-year anniversary of the YKK Digital Showroom, which was launched in April 2021 as a space for communicating with customers and introducing products.

Taking the real-world YKK London Showroom in England as inspiration, the YKK Digital Showroom is an online space that consists of six virtual floors showcasing company products from zippers and buckles to hook & loop fasteners, snaps and buttons, and more. Since its opening in April 2021, the space has continued to grow with new content such as product information, product development stories, and customer feedback, and language support in Japanese, English, and Chinese. It has received over 470,000 visitors from Japan and around the world. With popular content that includes region-specific products from Europe and the U.S., China, and Japan, a chance to experience the wearable TouchLink® zipper pull with built-in NFC chip, sustainability stories, and more, the showroom provides information of interest to customers that goes beyond just product information.

As well, in Japan, the showroom was linked to the YKK FASTENING CREATION for 2022 online exhibition (September to December 2021), and YKK’s booth at Intertextile (a large-scale exhibition for apparel industry participants held in October 2021 in Shanghai, China) included a YKK Digital Showroom space. In this way, visitors to these events can experience both the displayed products and virtual proposals in a customer interaction that fuses the digital and real worlds.

The YKK fastening business operates under the Sixth Mid-term Business Policy, “sustainable growth under the new normal – responding to diverse customer needs and acquiring customers”. One of the mid-term aims is “Better digital utilization: Stress elimination for customers and employees with digital”. The YKK Digital Showroom provides content that can help inspire customers in the fashion industry and beyond.

■ YKK Digital Showroom URL: https://ykkdigitalshowroom.com/