YKK USA launches Solutions Group to help companies improve manufacturing efficiency

YKK USA launches Solutions Group to help companies improve manufacturing efficiency

YKK USA – a leading manufacturer of zippers, plastic buckles and other hardware – has announced the launch of its new Solutions Group ahead of the Industrial Fabrics Association (IFAI) Expo.

The Solutions Group aims to help manufacturers struggling with issues such as time-consuming manual processes, high scrap rate and wasted material, inconsistent quality, high inventory, multiple suppliers and rising production costs. The new group offers consultation not only on new product development, but also manufacturing process improvement, custom machinery and assembly service.

Whilst the Solutions Group is new, YKK has been engaging in manufacturing process improvement for customers since 1978 through its Field Technology Centres. By working with UKK, one tactical gear manufacturer was able to achieve a 90% reduction in labour, whereas a jeans manufacturer saved thousands of dollars annually in production costs. One automotive seat manufacturer reduced its inventory through automation provided by YKK and another improved its product design by working with YKK Engineers. Several manufacturers have taken advantage of YKK’s assembly service, thereby reducing the number of suppliers.

John Smith, president of YKK USA commented, “The YKK brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. YKK has long been a trusted partner in providing high quality products that solve our customers’ problems. Eighty-six years of experience manufacturing zippers and other fastening products means that we have an enormous amount of know-how regarding sewing operations, waste reduction and process improvement. We are asking those who have turned to YKK for quality products to now seek our expertise on improving their efficiency and reducing scrap and inventory.”

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One of YKK’s fundamental behaviours is “listen to understand”, and every consultation by YKK begins with a plant visit and listening session by a team of YKK engineers to make sure the full nature of the issues being faced are grasped before any solutions after offered.

The YKK Solutions Group expects to build long-term relationships with its customers, in which both parties are equal partners in devising the best solution together. YKK knows that each company is unique and therefore offers customised solutions that are the right fit for the individual needs of the client. Furthermore, YKK’s technical support network is strategically located across the US, Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, meaning the company is ready to respond – typically within 24 hours – should an issue arise.

In addition to increased productivity and reduced inventory, YKK Solutions Group customers can expect improved ergonomics for their employees and a more sustainable operation as waste and energy are reduced.

“YKK believes in the ‘Cycle of Goodness,’ that no one prospers without rendering benefit to others,” continued John Smith. “YKK commits to using its ingenuity to provide creative solutions for our customers to improve their bottom line.”

For more information, please visit www.ykknorthamerica.com.

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