YKK producing essentials parts supporting Covid-19 Health Workers

ARTILECT is the first North American brand to adopt the Touchlink™ Zipper and first in the world to integrate YKK’s new PU Conceal and User-Repairable Zippers.  

YKK are currently producing essential parts at their factory based in Runcorn, Cheshire to help support the fight against Covid-19.  

The UK factory is producing critical fastenings for isolation/containment units, medical equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment), mattress protection and ventilator components. 

The European R&D facility, also based at Runcorn is presently able to produce around 400 masks for YKK staff who are working in the factory as well as for offer to local schools and care homes.

Matthew Rawston, Leader – Product Development  says “We were approached to make masks for local health workers and of course during these difficult times, we were more than happy to support – the masks that are currently being made are all using YKK products”

Tony Reilly, UK Group Managing Director says, without the dedication of our workers and staff involved, this wouldn’t have been possible; to be part of the fight against Covid-19 is something we are proud to support.  

For further information, please contact Lynn Whittingham, YKK Europe Limited, Tel: +44 (0)77 13098120.