YKK wins U.S GOOD DESIGN® Award with QuickFree® zipper

PCIAW | PCIAW News | YKK wins U.S GOOD DESIGN® Award with QuickFree® zipper

YKK’s QuickFree® zipper has been recognized in the Personal category of the 2019 Good Design® Awards. The awards – which were founded in Chicago in 1950 – is considered to be one of the oldest and most prestigious global awards program for design excellence and design innovation.

YKK’s QuickFree® zipper launched in 2017 and is an innovative product that promotes safety, security and a sense of independence, offering both Smart Insertion and Quick Release function. It has also been praised for its use with children’s wear, with the product helping small children open and close clothing easier, safer and quicker.

The zipper’s visibility has been improved through changing the shape of the slider and widening the area into which the pin is inserted, which results in the reduced possibility of the pin being inserted into the wrong part of the slider.

The QuickFree® zipper’s Quick Release function reduces the possibility to the clothing putting pressure on a child’s body, such as in an emergency situation where a child’s clothing may get caught around the neck.

Additionally, the zipper can also be used for sports and outdoor application.

As well as winning the U.S GOOD DESIGN® Award, YKK’s QuickFree™ Zipper was also awarded the “Prime Minister Award” – the Grand Prize of Kids Design Award 2018, and the Good Design Award 2018 Gold Award.

For more information, please visit www.ykkfastening.com.

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