Zhejiang Huachen’s Technical Fabrics Join PCIAW®

The PCIAW® is pleased to welcome Zhejiang Huachen Printing And Dyeing Company as a new Trusted Member. Founded in 2016, this comprehensive textile enterprise has quickly established itself as a leader in technical fabrics, serving diverse markets from military and public security to healthcare.

Zhejiang Huachen Printing And Dyeing Company, founded in 2016, is a comprehensive textile enterprise located in Asia’s largest textile distribution centre. Covering over 150,000 m² with 1600+ employees, it combines production, R&D, and sales.

The company specializes in technical fabrics with properties such as anti-static, flame retardant, waterproof, and antibacterial. These serve diverse markets including military, public security, fire services, healthcare, and more. Their guiding principle is “Being a conscientious human with our heart, making fabric steadfastly.”

Zhejiang Huachen owns a fully-equipped textile factory for weaving, dyeing, printing, and testing. They have established relationships with domestic uniform brands and industry buyers, while also exporting to Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia.

The company prioritizes quality control and environmental management, maintaining ISO9001, ISO14001, and OEKO-TEX certifications. They focus on innovation, quality, and quick response as key advantages.

Trusted by the defense industry, Zhejiang Huachen plans to collaborate with international researchers to develop innovative products for defense and other sectors. They aim to become a leading brand in quality textiles and professional clothing.

The company produces a wide range of knitted and woven fabrics, including polyester-cotton, nylon-cotton, fire-resistant, and spandex fabrics. Their professional team uses cutting-edge technology to create functional fabrics with various properties like acid resistance, moisture wicking, and anti-radiation.

Zhejiang Huachen Printing and Dyeing welcomes partnerships with customers worldwide, offering expertise in fabric development and production. They strive for high efficiency, advanced quality, and professional service, aiming to be a long-term supplier for uniform and workwear brands globally.

As a PCIAW® Trusted Member, Zhejiang Huachen Printing And Dyeing Company brings valuable expertise in fabric development and production to our community. Their commitment to high efficiency, advanced quality, and professional service aligns perfectly with PCIAW®’s mission to drive innovation and excellence in the professional clothing industry.

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