ZIBEN SAFETY and Sympatex to expand on international markets

ZIBEN SAFETY and Sympatex Technologies have officially launched their partnership at the ISPO international sports trade fair which was held on 26th-29th January in Munich.

This is the first time the largest Korean manufacturer of waterproof safety footwear (ZIBEN SAFETY) and the German-based functional specialist (Sympatex Technologies) will be in partnership, with the aim to expand ZIBEN SAFETY’s customer reach in Europe and the United States.

The new model series is made with new recycled and sustainable Sympatex lining laminates. The Sympatex membrane is 100% waterproof, optimally breathable, PTFE- and PFC-free, to guarantee the best microclimate, high-wearing comfort and dry feet with optimal performance across all changeable weather conditions.

As the look of the new ZIBEN-Sympatex range is modeled on modern trekking models, the concept therefore focuses on waterproof shoes that are comfortable and, above all, stylish. The aim is for the wearer to feel so good about the new line that they want to wear the shoes consistently, even outside of their work premises and conditions.

These functional models are then completed by the ALL-IN-ONE OUTSOLE SYSTEM, which has been patented by ZIBEN Research Institute – a combination of a bulletproof midsole and insole to minimise foot fatigue through the cushioning and elasticity provided.

Number One in the Korean safety footwear market, ZIBEN SAFETY currently has over 1,000 employees and 12 differing high-quality safety shoe lines.

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